What Will Be Different When You Make It?

If you were as successful as you want to be, what would be different? Would you spend more time with your family? Would you feel more confident? Would setbacks feel less painful? Would you buy a nicer sweater?

I challenge myself to always think about what I fantasize will be different at the next level of success.


I’ll give you a small example. One thing I used to think was that once I “made it” I would have fresh flowers in my office. Flowers are a luxury, and I tend to be frugal. For me, fresh flowers are a symbol of frivolity but also of beauty and celebration. When I look at flowers I like, I feel joy. A while back my business coach challenged me to go ahead and get flowers now, and to replenish them every week for a month. I never stopped. I have a different arrangement every week, and the ritual of buying them and bringing them to my office makes me happy. Some of my clients love to look at them during sessions.

I challenge you to choose something that you fantasize you will have AFTER you get to the next level of success and give it to yourself NOW. I’m not suggesting doing things you can’t afford, but rather opening yourself up to what is possible right now.