If You Think Networking Has to Be Schmoozy or Fake, You're Doing It Wrong

You know that creating relationships with other professionals is an effective way to build your practice, but you don’t like to network because it makes you feel schmoozy or fake. When you think about introducing yourself to another professional, you feel like you’re selling yourself.

 Take a deep breath and a big step back. Let’s approach this in a different way.

Here are 3 things you can do to avoid feeling schmoozy, salesy or fake.

 1. Hold on to a long-term vision of your ideal referral network.

 Imagine what it would be like to have a network of professionals who you like and trust and who work with your favorite kind of clients. This network would include a wide range of different kinds of therapists and other professionals.

 You’ll know a great acupuncturist who works well with the issues your clients face. Maybe you’ll ask that person how she helps people with fertility or chronic pain. Perhaps you’ll get to know a great health coach, and he can talk to you about how he helps people improve their emotional health with nutrition and movement.

 You’ll get a lot of referrals if you create that kind of network, AND you’ll have the feeling that you’re not working in isolation. Your professional life will feel more collaborative and supported.

2. Reach out ONLY to people you think you’ll like.

 Only reach out to people you think you might like and if all goes well might come to trust. When you reach out to people you think you might like and respect, you’ll feel genuine and open rather than schmoozy. Do a little research before you decide which professionals you’ll reach out to. Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations or search online to find the people you are likely to resonate with.

3. Be curious.

Be open to learning about this person in front of you. Ask deep questions about their work. Find out more about what they do to help the same people you help. You’re good at creating those kinds of conversations, and that’s part of why you became a therapist. When you let your curiosity guide you, you’re focused on the other person rather than on your anxiety about seeming schmoozy or fake.

Be yourself. Don’t worry about selling yourself. Just express your enthusiasm when colleagues ask you about your own work.

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