private PRACTICE strength ASSESSMENT

I’m so glad you’re here! Get ready to find out where you need to focus to make your practice more successful. Just pick the closest answer to what’s true for you now in the 15 questions below and jot them down as well down so you can self-score at the end. Be honest with yourself. No judgments! You’re just getting clear on where you are now. 

Submitting the form (so that I can see your answers) is optional, but if you do submit, please calculate your scores first. Once you click submit, the form will no longer be visible. Just pick your ONE BEST ANSWER to each question.

1. How many potential clients call or email you inquiring about your services in a typical month?
2. When you hear a voicemail from a potential client, you feel…
3. Which of these best describes your website?
4. About my fee:
5. What is your superpower as a therapist?
6. The referrals I get from colleagues come from
7. When I am talking for the first time with a potential client:
8. My website’s language is:
9. My feelings about making money as a therapist
10. When I talk to a potential client about how I work as a therapist
11. When a potential client calls and says they were referred by a colleague of mine
12. When I am wrapping up a call with a potential client
13. My website
14. When I tell a potential client my fee
15. In talking to a colleague about my work

Now go ahead and score yourself in each of the 5 areas.


Robust Referral Stream: (Questions 1, 6, and 11)

Points: For each a: 0 | For each b: 1 | For each c: 2 | For each d: 3

0 to 3: There are some major weaknesses in your ways of creating and maintaining a referral stream. The good news is that you can turn this around quickly and it will make a huge difference in your practice. If you’re an introvert, you may dread networking, but you can learn to use your strengths (perhaps being a good listener for example) to nurture great relationships with referral partners. Schedule your free consultation with me to get some tools now.

4 to 7: You have some parts of a referral system working for you. You’re probably getting some results from what you’re already doing, but there are some leaks in your system and you can get a lot more out of your networking time and energy. I can give you advice about strategies to put into place to increase your number of referrals quickly.

8 or 9: You are doing well in building a steady stream of referrals from colleagues! If there’s anything missing, it is something you can turn around easily. Keep paying attention to building great relationships with a variety of colleagues who know your work well. Talk to me to make sure you’re getting the most out of your networking over the long run.

Introductory call (Questions 2,7 and 12)

Points: For each a: 0 | For each b: 1 | For each c: 2 | For each d: 3

0 to 3: These first calls are a weak point in your practice building, a place where you lose potential ideal clients. You aren’t helping clients understand who you are or how they can benefit from working with you. The first conversation has likely been a point of stress or puzzlement for you. The good news is that I can teach you a set of tools to turn these conversations around now.

4 to 7: You are having some success with your introductory conversation, but it could be so much easier and more successful for you. You may be losing out on some ideal clients. Talk to me about a few tools and mindset changes will make a big difference in helping potential clients decide to work with you.

8 or 9:  You’re doing well with your first call with potential clients. When you speak to one of your ideal clients, you’re probably giving them a good sense of the benefits of working with you. You’re making it easy for them to schedule an appointment with you right away. Keep up the great work.

Client attracting Website (Questions 3,8, and 13)

Points: For each a: 0 | For each b: 1 |For each c: 2 |For each d: 3

0 to 3: In case you’re wondering, you do need a good website. Even if the internet isn’t where you plan to get most of your clients, potential clients who get a word of mouth referral look at your website before they decide to contact you. Take your practice to the next level by creating (or revamping) a simple, inexpensive client attracting website now. I can help you get started right away.

4 to 7: You’ve done some of the hard part, because you got a website up. However, that website could be doing a lot more for you. Your website should let your clients know you understand their issues and give them a sense of who you are. It should make it easy for them to take action and start working with you. I can help you clarify your priorities about what needs to be there and how to make it happen.

8 or 9: You probably get a lot of clients finding you on the internet. Even clients who find you through word of mouth look at your site and feel as if they have started a relationship before they ever talk to you. You’ve got your site doing some of your marketing work for you. Talk to me about making your website even better at attracting and staying in touch with your ideal clients.

Sustaining Fee (Questions 4, 9, and 14)

Points: For each a: 0 | For each b: 1 | For each c: 2 | For each d: 3

0 to 3: You aren’t charging enough. You probably knew I was going to say that. You have some work to do in your money mindset so that you can make a good living doing what you love. I have helped a lot of therapists through shifting money mindset and I’ve been through it myself, so let’s talk.

4 to 7: You have probably challenged yourself and made some strides in the area of charging a solid fee. There are still some mindset issues holding you back from making a living that will sustain you over the long term. Imagine earning a good enough living that you can get as much training and consultation as you need as well as having great self-care when you’re not working. I can help you figure out the right fees and help you follow through with setting them.

8 or 9: Congratulations. You know your worth as a therapist and you’re able to charge a good fee without hesitation. Hold on to that mindset. Your ability to charge a solid fee will help you with all of your other practice building strategies.

Superpower as a therapist (questions 5, 10 and 15)

Points:  For each a: 0 | For each b: 1 | For each c: 2 | For each d: 3

0 to 3: You aren’t aware of what is unique about you as a therapist, what could really set you apart. Your marketing time and money will be wasted until you gain some clarity about this. Before you spend any more time or money on other practice building activities, this is your top priority. The good news is that your superpower is something you already have. The tough part is you can’t see it without help. My specialty is helping you uncover this, so set up your free consultation now.

4 to 7: You have some awareness about what sets you apart, but you don’t know how to articulate it, and you probably don’t know how valuable your superpower is to your ideal clients. Get clear on your superpower and you’ll find all of your marketing efforts work much more quickly and serve to get you working with the clients you like best. Schedule a free phone consultation to start uncovering this more fully.

8 or 9: You know your superpower! You’ve got a sense of what makes you unique and how to tell potential clients and colleagues about it. Keep up the good work. Use this knowledge in all of your marketing efforts and you’ll build a practice you both enjoy and make a really good living at. Since you’re so advanced, I’ll tell you more. Your superpower will continue to expand over time. You’ll see new ways to talk about it and use it. Schedule your free consultation to talk about ways to take full advantage of your gifts.

You’ve got a sense of where you are in the 5 areas and where you have some work to do. You don’t have to do it alone. Apply for a free consultation to go over your assessment with me and I’ll help you prioritize and come up with a strategy to get started.