About Annie's Coaching:


"Annie Schuessler is an amazing and thoughtful business coach. Under her consultation, I've managed to gain more clients, more income, and definitely much more happiness in my work. Annie is focused, intuitive and personable. When I leave her office I usually feel energized, hopeful and confident. I've never felt judged by her and she has this way of gently challenging me to kindly expect more of myself and my practice. Her sessions are so important in helping me to see that it is completely possible to build my ideal private practice in San Francisco. I have recommended her to many of my colleagues and they have reported back to me with similar results."

-Karen Smillie, MFT


"Until you work with Annie you don't realize how much you needed to learn. I've always loved my work, but Annie has helped me to increase my satisfaction, my income, and my confidence. In the six months we've worked together, my income has more than increased enough to cover the cost of her services."


"Annie helped me come to a clearer understanding of my ideal client and shift the way I talked about my practice online and during networking, so that I could actually draw those clients to me. Working with Annie helped me add 5 more clients to my practice and increase my average fee by 25%. I feel more confident about all sorts of financial stuff that had been making me feel uncomfortable. A great investment in my business and myself!"


"If you love being a therapist but are not sure how to be a successful small business owner, call Annie. I feel grateful for her patience, energy and wisdom. My work with Annie has changed the business side of my practice in ways I didn't think were possible."

-Marielle Berg, MFT


"Annie's gentle, thoughtful and direct manner has worked perfectly for me!  My sessions with her have really helped me to become more accountable and focused on my professional goals.  I can't thank her enough!"

-David Dao, MFT


"My therapy practice is going great, thanks, in large part, to my very influential coaching session with Annie.  My call with her was instrumental in waking me up to the fact that I already do have a specialty and it's just about owning it. Much appreciation to Annie for helping me acknowledge, honor, and act on how much I have to offer."

-Ali Miller, MFT



About Annie's Workshops & Trainings:


"Annie's workshop is terrific! She offers great, effective strategies while also helping you connect those to your unique strengths and passions."

-Valerie Crawford, Ph.D.

"I am so thankful for this workshop. I'm leaving feeling energetic and hopeful, with hands-on ideas I can start implementing right away."


"Annie offers a fresh perspective on how to build a thriving private practice and she does it with simplicity, genuineness and a crystal clear clarity."

-Thomas Faupl, MFT

"The relaxed space Annie created contributed to a sense of honest and open sharing among workshop participants. There was a sense of 'we're all in this together.' 

-Ali Miller, MFT

"Annie's workshop was a very useful springboard to practice building. Her concepts have a powerful simplicity."


"Annie's workshop is a fantastic kick-start for any practice. So many good ideas shared in an organized, simple way."


"This training helped me look at what makes me unique, and how I can bring that into my marketing."


"The workshop provided unexpected and highly useful tools for building a private practice. I highly recommend it."