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 Welcome to Rebel Therapist® VIP Session

You’ll spend 90 minutes with Annie to clarify your niche, design your future business model, and prepare your next steps.

Your experience will be tailored to your needs. Here’s some of what you might work on:

  • Clarify your right-fit client for this new offer

  • Home in on your most powerful leadership style

  • Decide what form your new offer will take

  • Begin to craft a pilot version of your offer so that you can get started quickly and pivot if needed

  • Learn to create your message so that it’s powerful and true

  • Prepare yourself to move through imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism or other mindset issues that inevitably come up as you take these steps. (Yes, these issues WILL come up!)


How we’ll do it:

  • You’ll complete registration by making your payment right here.

  • You’ll receive a scheduling link through email.

  • You’ll do some structured pre-work before the session.

  • We’ll meet for 90 minutes over zoom video.

  • We’ll record your session so you can refer to it later.

What’s expected of you:

  • You’ll be expected to do the pre-work and show up ready to work.

  • You’ll be coachable and willing to take direction and try on new things.

The Refund Policy:

This is an all-in investment. There are no refunds. Here’s why: This session is an investment in the future of your business. You’ll be looking at your business, your livelihood, and your relationship with yourself. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your success here. I don’t want you to participate with one foot in, one foot out. This is for you if you’re ready to do the work. I hold space for you as soon as you register. Because of this policy, you’ll know that I am as committed as you are!